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Parent Consultations

Are you concerned about your child and whether they may need support from a professional?

Would you like to discuss your concerns with a clinical psychologist?

You can book a single session consultation to discuss your concerns and get some strategies and resources to help you with your concerns.

What are the benefits?

  • Evidence suggests that working with parents is a really effective way to help children with anxiety

  • You can be more confident in how you are supporting your child with their difficulties

  • Your child won't have to miss school

  • You can receive support even if your child doesn't want to talk about the problem

What type of problem can you help with?

  • how to support an anxious child

  • separation anxiety

  • concerns about young children (who are too young to speak about it themselves)

  • helping your child manage 'big feelings' like anger

  • sleep problems

  • supporting your child following separation or divorce

  • low mood

  • bereavement and grief

  • coping with transition to secondary school/a new school

  • managing difficult life events

  • supporting a child who doesn't want therapy


When is this a good idea?

  • If the problem is short-lived

  • If you aren't sure whether your child needs professional help

  • If you/your child are on a waiting list for therapy

  • If your child doesn't want to engage in therapy

  • If you don't want your child to miss school to attend sessions


When isn't this the right option?

  • If the problem has a long and complex history and multiple professionals have been involved before we probably won't be able to cover it all in one meeting

  • If you know you need/want therapy that I don't have availability to offer it might be better to do this with another psychologist who could go on to offer therapy

  • If you aren't sure please email me to ask if I can help with your concern:

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